Experimental Prototype Engines

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Photos of modifications I made to an air cooled VW engine to make it conform to my patent #3,672,172. This is my 4-stroke prototype engine. It was installed in the Bradley GT for a while and everything worked as I envisioned except for the air/oil separator. I was never able to successfully separate the entrained lubricating oil from the induction air stream, and eventually shelved the project. I then built up a more conventional engine to put in the Bradley.

attachment:prototype-engine-002.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-003.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-004.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-005.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-006.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-007.jpg

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This is a 2-stroke engine modified according to my patent. It started out life as a 1950 Mercury outboard motor. It was a 40 cubic inch model KF9. (The very first model four cylinder engine ever built by Mercury.) Everything on this 2-stroke prototype worked as I envisioned, including the air/oil separator. I ran it both with a supercharger and without a supercharger.

2 Stroke Prototype Experimental Engine

This is a Honda cylinder head I modified for an engineer from Caterpillar. It's for a "compound cycle" engine with extra expansion volume.

attachment:prototype-engine-031.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-032.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-033.jpg

These are my patent drawings.

attachment:prototype-engine-034.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-035.jpg

These are patent drawings for someone else's engine that is very similar to mine. It shows an improved air/oil separator to what I was using. Combined with some further internal engine modifications, I think this improved design separator would solve the problems I had with my original 4-stroke prototype.

attachment:prototype-engine-036.jpg attachment:prototype-engine-037.jpg


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