Hello. My name is Gary Hammond and I live in Macomb, IL. I've been working with IC engines since my grade school days. My formal education took me through college with a BS in Agricltural Mechanization. Then I enlisted in the Air National Guard and attended Aircraft Maintenance Officer school after which I was employed full time as Assistant Chief of Aircraft Maintance in my local ANG unit. It was during this time that I applied for, and later received, U.S. patent #3,672,172 entitled "Simplified Supercharged Internal Combustion Engine With Emissions Control".

After that, I started my own retail business selling portable buildings and after a couple of years added several outdoor power equipment dealerships to my business. I have lots of experience with a large variety of engines in a large variety of applications. Then in 1994 I went to work for Caterpillar as a lathe operator and then as a research machinist at their "Tech Center" where I became involved in several innovative new engine technologies. I retired from Cat the end of 2005 and now only work in my own shop doing mostly custom machining, welding, fabricating, prototyping, and also experimenting with electro-mechanical devices. I also have a Bradley GT kit car that I have modified and personalized that requires some of my time.



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