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Because my college education was in Agricultural Mechanization, with some physics and EE courses thrown in, I'm mostly a "mechanical gear head". But I have also dabbled with simple, mostly analog, electronic/electrical circuits and projects over the years. I was astounded to somewhat recently learn about Nikola Tesla's discoveries that have been suppressed since their inception. So I decided to check out for myself many of the present day claims and so-called "replications" of Tesla's work. That's when I found John Bedini's work and web site, as well as several other related sources.

I've replicated the SSG as presented in "Bedini SG - The Complete Handbook Series" from emediapress, which can be obtained from a link lower on this page. I have managed to achieve a 1.25 to 1 electrical recovery in amp hours with it in addition to the mechanical work done. It has been a great learning tool, and led me to begin attending the "Energy Science and Technology Conferences" in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. There I was able to personally meet John Bedini and several other people who presented talks and demonstrations of several different, related technologies.

Two of the presenters at those conferences were Jim Murray and Paul Babcock, both of whom have constructed low Lenz motors and generators. These devices also recover and recycle a high percentage of the electricity used in them. They are now working on a device which resonates true watts (not VAR's) back and forth between a source and a storage device delivering power both ways, for a demonstrated 50 to 1 power gain. A video of their presentation entitled "The Secret Of Tesla's Power Magnification" is also available from emediapress by clicking the appropriate link lower on the page.

If you're new to the Bedini SG and want to know what it is, make sure to download the free PDF Click Here

#1 - My Bedini SSG

new SSG 008.jpgnew SSG 002.jpg new SSG 001.jpg

After initial testing and setting the air gap last night the charge battery was completely charged and the primary batteries were down a little, so I took 1 AH (one amp for one hour) out of the charge battery and put the primaries on the 1AU charger overnight.

This morning the primaries were sitting at 13.08 volts and the charge battery was sitting at 12.58 volts. I hooked up the SSG in generator mode while logging the charge on my CBA III analyzer. The current draw on the primaries according to my analog ammeter was 1.6 amps for 29 minutes. The run voltage on the primaries started at 12.54 volts under load and only dropped to 12.52 volts during the run. The charge battery went to 16.0 volts, fully recharged in that 29 minutes.

One hour after the end of the run, the primaries had recovered to a standing voltage of 12.87 and the charge battery was resting at 12.81 volts. (This particular charge battery always sits a little lower than the primaries when fully charged.)

So 1 AH drawn from the charge battery, and it was then recharged by .8 AH from the primaries. That's a COP of 1.25 electrical, and doesn't even include the energy used by the wheel and two fans!!

2-15-14 one AH Discharge.JPG 2-14-14 charge graph.JPG

SSG Charging Large Batteries


Click Here For Video


Here is a video of my replication of Aaron Murakami's 555 timer circuit driving a street-fire MSD module thru a MSD Blaster coil. The video shows it installed over a fogger unit while I was demonstrating it to my son and grandson.

It starts out with a surface gap plug installed without fog and then with fog. Next comes a regular plug with conventional gap running both with and without fog added. Then a little propane gas is added (again both with the fog and without the fog), and finally I show my plasma lighter. My son Bob took the video.

This type of ignition system is revealed in Aaron's book "Ignition Secrets" listed at the bottom of this page.

And here are two videos of the plasma ignition installed on my Bradley GT

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